Video - Webinar 2020


COVID has given an existential dimension to tech-buzzwords like AI, Machine Learning, IoT and data analytics in the context of building performance. With social distancing here to stay for the foreseeable future, the ability to remotely monitor, and be able to conduct diagnostics and handle Operation & Maintenance is of vital consideration.

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Key Objectives:

  • To develop a short- to medium-term crisis exit solution aimed to deliver COVID-19 vaccine in a safe, efficient and clean manner, while still maintaining routine vaccine deliveries
  • To create a long-term contingency framework through establishing logistics specifically for medicine, blood and vaccines, that is costeffective, sustainable and responsive to different levels of challenge – basic needs, natural disasters/regional epidemics and national pandemics
  • To have an embedded vaccine-delivery system to meet day-to-day demand

(Credit: CPI Industry would like to acknowledge and appreciate Dr Toby Peters, Professor in Cold Economy, University of Birmingham, for drafting the three key objectives.)

Event Format

The virtual conference, lasting approximately four hours, comprises panel discussions, addresses, technological presentations and structured audience Q&A sessions. The presenters have an opportunity to not only speak but also show PowerPoint presentations and videos, including animations, to demonstrate and emphasise salient features of their initiatives.