COVID has given an existential dimension to tech-buzzwords like AI, Machine Learning, IoT and data analytics in the context of building performance. With social distancing here to stay for the foreseeable future, the ability to remotely monitor, and be able to conduct diagnostics and handle Operation & Maintenance is of vital consideration.

Indeed, remote connectivity in asset management is indispensable in a new world order, including a post-COVID scenario, so we are ready, if and when the next pandemic strikes.

This sentiment of being prepared is gaining ground, and the ramifications are significant. It is being acknowledged that we need a transformation in the way we think and approach structural, civil and MEP works to make substantial provisions for future scenarios similar to COVID. And it covers software as much as it does all building performance equipment.

‘Smart HVAC systems’, the next in the HVACR Virtual Conference series, brings into play a wide range of aspects for discussion.