‘Heart of the Matter’ is a non-partisan, neutrally placed discussion platform on pumping systems by CPI Industry. It looks at the evolving role of pumps in the context of multiple applications in district cooling plants, CHP, waste-to-energy, power generation, and medium-to-large HVAC systems (for data centres, hotels, malls, airports and residential clusters). Taking a broad, impartial look at vertical inline and horizontal systems, the platform addresses serviceabilityand reliability issues. It also deep dives into other issues of current relevance, including the advocacy for single-sourcing of the critical components of pumping systems, and remote connectivity – especially in view of social distancing, required to mitigate COVID-19.

Event Format

Like its highly successful predecessor webinars, this event, lasting about three hours, comprises paneldiscussion, presentations, and structured audience Q&A and feedback. The presenters have an opportunity to not only speak but also show PowerPoint presentations and videos, including animations, to demonstrate the efficacy of their proprietary pumping solutions. Overall, it offers a unique value-proposition for stakeholders keen on showcasing their commercial portfolios in a quest for business opportunities and growth.