While COVID-19 held sway over a significant part of H1 2020, the second half is being driven by human determination to reclaim social and economic spaces. Evidence of that is in the form of the unfettered reopening of malls, educational institutions, aviation hubs, offices and several other commercial buildings.

While grit, determination and resilience count for a lot, the protracted search for a viable vaccine and a curative drug means the Novel Coronavirus continues to be a threat; and the only way we can reoccupy buildings is by adhering to a set of repeatable broad as well as specific disinfection measures for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps never before in living memory has the need arose to carry out disinfection measures with unparalleled thoroughness on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Disinfection in the COVID era is not a choice but an indispensable part of our efforts to stave off an existential threat, and hence the need for Disinfection 360, a webinar that seeks to highlight and sharpen our understanding of all we need to do to feel safe and protected indoors.