About Us

CPI Industry is a publishing house that started producing events as an extension of its communications drive in the HVACR industry through its magazine (Climate Control Middle East)
and directories.

While the magazine largely focuses on core HVACR aspects, the events probe the core and all allied areas, be they energy security (district cooling and cogeneration), food security
(refrigeration), food safety & quality assurance (again, refrigeration) or indoor environmental quality.

CPI Industry started conducting events in May 2007, starting with the unique DC Dialogue, a technically intensive, roundtable-format discussion on the district cooling industry. Since
then, CPI Industry has established a portfolio of events, all with the twin purposes of information exchange and raising the bar on technology and business solutions in the region.

To date, CPI Industry has conducted over 50 events. They include DC Dialogue (multiple editions), Middle East VRF Conference (multiple editions), The Climate Control Conference (C3)
(multiple editions), Refrigerants Review (multiple editions), World IEQ Forum (multiple editions), The Client Consultant Contractor Conference (multiple editions), Climate Control Awards
(multiple editions), Food Chain (multiple editions) and Middle East HVAC Fire Safety Conference (multiple editions).

For more info, please visit : www.cpi-industry.com